Why owning a luxury EV is more attainable than you think

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Buying and owning an electric BMW is more attainable than you might have thought.

The storied Bavarian brand has an extensive range of models in its ranks, and while it remains a luxury benchmark, the company has recently added a number of more affordable electric vehicles that speak to a new type of BMW buyer.

It's more than just a sensational product that entices customers to consider a BMW, however - the brand also offers its owners peace of mind when it comes to ownership, too.

BMW iX2 xDrive30

BMW Australia product and business communications manager, Nick Raman, says the brand is known for its cutting-edge cars, and that its customers get to experience first class benefits, while also taking the hassle and uncertainty out of the ownership experience.

Raman explained that BMW Basic Service Inclusive for EV buyers - essentially a prepaid servicing package that can be bundled into your monthly payments - has seen a big uptick in recent times.

"It is very strong, and encouragingly at a higher rate than last year," Raman says. "In 2023, we saw a 79% uptake of our BMW Service Inclusive packages. However, already this year - with only four months of the year behind us - we are seeing a 98% uptake of these packages, and that is with a significantly accelerated EV sales volume growth than at the same time last year.

"It further underlines the benefits of BMW Service Inclusive packages, from the transparency of pricing up front to the backing of expert BMW factory-trained technicians and use of Genuine BMW Parts," Raman says.

The brand offers the benchmark luxury car standard of warranty and care, and BMW's electric vehicles have a lengthy battery warranty for extra reassurance.

"We are also proud to offer a five-year new car warranty, which, in alliance with the eight-year/160,000km high voltage battery warranty, highlights the confidence we have in our product," Raman says.

While some buyers might also have questions over the ownership experience of electric vehicles when it comes to charging using public infrastructure, BMW has a collaboration with Australia's largest EV charging network, Chargefox - something Mr Raman says cannot be taken for granted for those who still want to go outside the city limits in their electric BMW.

"We have a long and established relationship with Chargefox that provides our customers multiple AC and DC charging options both in urban and regional areas," Mr Raman says. "Our customers tell us the subscription offerings are a positive complement to their ownership experience and their individual circumstances."

BMW may have only recently bolstered its ranks with a number of attainable luxury electric vehicles, but the brand has had a presence at the forefront of the alternative energy movement for decades.

"We have been manufacturing premium vehicles since the 1920s, and we first developed an electric car in 1972 in the form of the BMW 1602e, a technology showpiece for the Summer Games in Munich," says Raman.

"In 2013, we introduced the BMW i3, which was effectively the first full production EV for BMW. It was a pioneering city car, delivering radical construction techniques and an unmistakable look that remains modern and distinctive today.

Now, electromobility takes centre stage of our portfolio," says Raman. "This year, BMW will offer Australian customers 16 fully electric variants, which is the most of any manufacturer in Australia.

"Of that 16 includes five variants priced below the Luxury Car Tax fuel efficient threshold. All offer something for different lifestyles, applications and fleets," Mr Raman explained. "They deliver individual character, style, integrate the latest technology - including safety systems - and have an array of equipment features with minimal options.

"And, in the best tradition of BMW as per our iconic 'Ultimate Driving Machine' slogan, they are all engaging to drive."

From the iX1 and iX2 electric SUV and crossover models to the stunning driver-focused i4 electric Gran Coupe, all the way up to the phenomenal BMW iX and i7, there is a full-electric BMW for all tastes, and all of them promise to be a pleasure to own.

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