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Three things to consider when thinking about life insurance


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One tragic moment can steer your life off course. But having adequate life insurance can help to steady the ship.

Life insurance is one way to help secure your family's future in the event that you pass away.

Sadly, many Australians don't have life insurance - or don't have enough, because they assume the life insurance cover often included in their super is sufficient.

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The sums they're insured for may not be enough to cover all their unexpected expenses and commitments for their loved ones left behind.

Taking out a suitable life insurance policy can save you from a lot of stress.

Here are three points to consider to help ensure you have adequate life cover:

1. Think about how much you'll need

Before you opt for life insurance, you need to think about the future. Consider how much money your loved ones may need when you're gone.

Firstly, research funeral costs. Then work out how much money your loved ones may need to maintain a similar lifestyle. Also, consider any debts or other financial commitments which will need to be serviced. Lastly, factor in your children and what legacy you would like to leave for them.

2. Talk to someone or go online

Unfortunately, people are easily put off by their anticipated cost of life insurance. They expect it to be expensive and therefore may not do their research. A simple search online or a telephone call can help you assess the costs and some of the available products within minutes, particularly if you're armed with the information above

In other words, preparing yourself today can help ensure that your loved ones aren't significantly financially stressed should the worst happen in the future.

3. Reassess your insurance cover

After every major life event, you may reconsider your life insurance coverage. Marriage, a new home, children, and employment changes are all things that shape your life and can certainly change your priorities, so don't forget to get in touch with your insurer and update your coverage.

Understanding life insurance

Having the protection of adequate life insurance products - which could include one or more of term life, income protection, trauma and total and permanent disability covers - can help give you peace of mind, even during tragedy.

So, should you consider life insurance? Of course. However, you need to consider cover that fits your current situation, keeping in mind that from time to time you should reconsider your needs as your circumstances change - in particular to take into account major life events.

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