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Choosing the right luxury electric vehicle for your needs is getting easier and easier, with more options available today than ever before.

One brand that has taken the EV ball and run with it is German luxury maker BMW, which offers the most extensive range of passenger electric cars and SUVs in Australia.

The BMW 'i' range of electric models encompasses a dozen variants of different shapes and sizes, with varied battery sizes and EV driving ranges, and an array of price points, too.

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From the affordable iX1 and iX2 SUVs, through to the purpose-built BMW iX SUV, and the epitome of silent luxury motoring, the i7, the Bavarian marque offers the luxury of choice to its consumers.

Here are five BMW electric models that offer future-ready driving technology, innovative design, yet still offer pricing that falls below the Australian Luxury Car Tax (LCT) threshold for fuel-efficient vehicles ($89,332), and are eligible for the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemption for fleet customer or novated lease holders.

iX1 eDrive20

The iX1 eDrive20 forms the entry-point to electric mobility from BMW, with a starting price of $78,900 (RRP, before on-road costs).

It combines a popular small SUV body-style with terrific family practicality, offering no compromises for those who wish to make the shift to an electric compact SUV but need as much practicality as possible in a compact footprint.

The eDrive20 model uses an electric motor at the front axle and has healthy outputs of 150kW and 247Nm - and with a 67kWh gross battery capacity; this range-opening iX1 variant has an WLTP rated driving range of up to 475km.

With 130kW DC rapid-charging capability replenishing the battery from 10%-80% in only 29 minutes at a fast charger - and included 12-month complimentary access to the Chargefox network - this SUV is just as ready for a family road trip as it is for daily duties.

iX1 xDrive30

With robust styling and sensational interior design, the iX1 xDrive30 (from $84,900 RRP plus on-road costs) adds additional power and traction to the equation, making it a functional and versatile option for young families or couples who wish to get out there and enjoy the Australian landscape.

The xDrive30 version of the iX1 adopts all-wheel drive by way of an additional rear-mounted electric motor and will suit the enthusiastic driver with 230kW of power and 494Nm of torque - enough to help it sprint from 0-100km/h in just 5.6 seconds.

While it has performance at its heart, the xDrive30 also offers incredible efficiency, with a driving range of up to 439km (WLTP), and fast charging options, too.

This pragmatic SUV is available in two distinct design trims, too - xLine, for a more rugged look, or the spicy M Sport trim, which fits its driving character perfectly.

iX2 eDrive20

The new-generation BMW iX2 Sports Activity Coupe blends several genres into its striking and distinctive design - yet it remains an affordable model for first-time EV buyers.

While the iX2 eDrive20 is the entry-level model in its line-up, starting from $82,900 RRP plus on-road costs, it offers more than just an abundance of style and substance for that money.

It's an efficient and thoughtful SUV for buyers who embrace the effervescence of life, with a zesty front-mounted electric motor offering 150kW and 247Nm, and a 67kWh gross battery capacity allowing up to 477km of range, according to the WLTP testing protocol.

As with the iX1, it has 22kW AC charging, and for homeowners with three-phase power at home, that can mean a full recharge in a matter of hours. And there's also the option to fast-charge the vehicle with its 130kW DC rating permitting a possible recharge time of less than 30 minutes from 10%-80%.

iX2 xDrive30

While the 'x' in iX2 doesn't stand for 'extroverted', the brand admits that this crossover model cuts a sharp profile compared to the focused appearance of the iX1.

That's arguably even more prevalent in the xDrive30 version of the iX2, as it offers some wow-factor features like the BMW Iconic Glow illuminated kidney grille, and even more so with the optional M Sport Package Pro,

Being the xDrive30 model, it scores an additional electric motor to imbue it with all-wheel drive, not to mention granting it a big power bump over the base model, with 230kW and 494Nm, and a 0-100km/h time of just 5.6 seconds.

If that doesn't set your heart racing, the pricing should, as the iX2 xDrive30 has a RRP of $85,700 (before on-road costs), and yet still comes comprehensively equipped and offers a WLTP rated driving range of 449km.

i4 eDrive35

Indulgence doesn't have to cost the earth, and the BMW i4 eDrive35 is proof of that.

This stunning sedan-line Gran Coupe blends curvaceous and characterful exterior design with a sophisticated and high-tech cockpit that you won't want to leave - and it's all the more impressive considering the RRP for the i4 eDrive35 is $85,900 plus on-road costs.

This sleek hatch could appeal to retirees just as much as it could to young families, with a practical five-seat cabin and roomy 470-litre boot offering ample amenity for short trips or week-long driving holidays.

The eDrive35 has a 70kWh gross battery capacity, allowing it up to 430km of EV driving range (WLTP). It has recharging capabilities of 11kW on AC power, or 180kW at a DC fast charging station, meaning a 10%-80% top-up is doable in about half an hour.

This rear-wheel-drive EV lives up to BMW's ethos of driving pleasure, and as with the iX models it also includes free access to unlimited charging on the Chargefox public network.

Whether it's the i4, iX1 or iX2 that suits your lifestyle, BMW is powering ahead with its sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for Australian customers.

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