SuperBooster: Five super stories you need to read


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Money magazine's SuperBooster project is underway and Aussies are getting on board to check, consolidate and contribute in order to set themselves up for a more comfortable retirement.

But if you still need a little nudge, here are five stories to explain how you can take control of your super.

1. Five ways to make sure your super is healthy


Moved house and forgotten to tell your super? Not sure how many funds you have? It's time for a check-up for your super.

2. How to turbocharge your super balance in your 20s

Making coffee at work a couple of times a week instead of buying it could mean an extra $50,000 in your super fund at retirement.

3. 12 ways casual workers can top up their super balance

Casual workers who miss out on employer-paid super contributions can grow their retirement savings with these 12 steps.

4. Why now is the time to top up your super fund

Now is the time to do some housekeeping and top up your super.

5. How to claim your super contributions come tax time

Did you know that most people under 75 are now able to claim a tax deduction for after-tax super contributions?

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