Friends With Money #148: Tax time tidy up - Get your super in shape

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The end of the financial year is fast approaching, so is now the time to check in on your super and consider an extra contribution?

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, Money's Tom Watson is joined by Renae Anderson, manager of select advice at UniSuper, to chat about the super moves worth considering before and after July 1. They discuss:

  • When and how to make a personal contribution
  • Whether it's possible to top up a spouse or partner's super
  • The new super guarantee rate in 2024-25
  • Advice for women looking to boost their super balances
  • The range of advice available from super funds

friends with money podcast 148 tax time tidy up

This episode is brought to you by UniSuper.

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The information in this podcast is of a general nature and doesn't consider your personal circumstances. Before making decisions, you should consider whether the information is appropriate for your circumstances otherwise seek financial advice.

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Tom Watson is a senior journalist at Money magazine, and one of the hosts of the Friends With Money podcast. He's previously worked as a journalist covering everything from property and consumer banking to financial technology. Tom has a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Renae Anderson is a manager for Select Advice at UniSuper. With nearly two decades of experience advising Australians on their retirement savings, she is an advocate for women in the financial advice industry. Renae is a Certified Financial Planner and sits on the Financial Planning Education Council.