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If you're looking for a new super fund, this 10-point checklist should help you.
You need to choose a MySuper product or super fund, either for yourself, a friend, colleague or relative. This step by step guide will walk you through what you need to do.
Modern super funds offer members numerous choices of investment, insurance, advice and other services, but what if you just want a simple fund that won't force you to choose between investment and insurance options you don't understand?
Superannuation fund investment performance bounced back strongly in 2020/21 after the turmoil of COVID-19, making this financial year one of the best ever. Key points Default MySuper products have just delivered an average 18.8%, their best performance ...
The Abbott Coalition government's second budget in May 2015, as expected, contained no major direct changes to superannuation. However, while superannuation is unchanged, what is changing are the rules around the age pension.
Super choice has been running for ten years now but some employers are still confused by how they should handle it. However, they don't need to be as it's really quite simple. The trick is understanding not just what super choice is but what it isn't.
Superannuation funds serve different members differently. Comparing super fund performance, fees and insurance is not that difficult, but you first need to learn a few tricks so you know what to look for.
Superannuation is employer-focused because it was constructed around awards and employment agreements, and employers made all the decisions about which super fund each company would use. But super choice will shift the focus back to individuals.
Many super funds do much more than just help you save for retirement. Some also offer insurance, home loans, financial planning and shopping deals.
Australia's first super fund was established in 1862 for the employees of the Bank of New South Wales (now Westpac), and this was soon followed-up in 1869 by the AMP establishing a fund for its staff. Since then the super savings pool has grown to $2 ...
Super funds use many different expert advisers. Understanding the different roles they all play will help you make better sense of how a fund operates.
Making sense of your fund's investment performance figures can be quite a challenge, but a walk through what's going on will make it seem really quite simple.
The backbone of a super fund is its investment menu. What is it, how does it work, and how do you navigate your way through it?
To understand how much you are really paying in super fund fees, you have to demystify the myriad ways different funds describe their fees. The good news is that it is not as complex as it sounds.
Super funds offer insurance because their buying power often means they can offer better deals than if you applied directly to an insurance company. But how do you know if your fund's insurance deal is any good?
You've saved hard all your working life to build up a sizeable superannuation nest egg and now you want to turn your savings into regular income you can live on. But choosing between the different types of retirement income products has left you dazed.
So far we have talked about how super choice will affect you and how you can go about choosing a super fund that suits you. But what if you want to manage your superannuation yourself, rather than give your money to someone else?
The compulsory nature of Superannuation has been a feature of the Australian employment landscape for well over a decade. Prior to this, superannuation was provided by only long-established companies and government departments that considered it an important ...
This page contains some general information about tax rates and thresholds for super contributions and benefits. Explanations of the terms and acronyms appear in the glossary.
Superannuation funds come in different types and market segments. Here we explain what each of these are so you can be sure to join the right fund that suits you. Key points The main types of super funds are workplace, personal and retirement. Workplace ...
Australia's superannuation industry manages $2 trillion making it 20% larger than Australia's GDP and among the largest superannuation savings pools in the world.
Australia's superannuation system is complex. This guide will walk you through its core elements. Key Points Australia's retirement income system comprises three pillars: the age pension, superannuation savings and supplementary voluntary savings.
Financial advisers are professional experts who can help you choose a super fund, understand your investment profile and tailor your insurance protection. Financial planning is a range of professional services that spans helping you understand your superannuation ...
Super is your money and if you desperately need the money you should access it. However, you should access it only if you need to because over the long-run accessing it now could cost you a lot of money.
Super funds have been hit by the Corona Financial Crisis but nowhere near as badly as you might think.
Most super funds have been designed for older people with high account balances, not young people who are just starting out in superannuation.
Superannuation has been designed for employees, not for business owners. But with the right advice and structures, small business owners can use their business assets to boost their superannuation. Key points Small business owners need to understand ...
Are you a young person working in your first job and not sure if you should be receiving superannuation? You are eligible to receive employer-paid super if: you are over age 18 and earn more than $450 in a calendar month; or you are under age 18, earn ...