Love Your Super


Welcome to the Love Your Super project.

With a quick check-up and simple starting points, investing just 15 minutes in our Love Your Super project is time well spent. Because a few basic steps can make a huge difference to your retirement balance.

Thank you to UniSuper for supporting the Love Your Super project and helping Australians reach their retirement goals.

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Personal growth top performers (five years to Nov 2023)

Workplace Super >
Workplace super funds are made available to employers, who offer a default option to new employees.
Personal Super >
Personal superannuation funds are those made available direct to consumers.
Self Managed Super >
SMSFs are small groups of members (four or less) operating their own fund. The trustees are the members or a professional trustee company.
Retirement Products >
Funds for members who have retired, designed to pay a pension or income stream.
Why do we need the superannuation performance test, how does it work and what do its results mean?
Are you a young person working in your first job and not sure if you should be receiving superannuation?
Finding lost super and consolidating it into your current super fund is easy and free.
Australia's retirement income system comprises three pillars: the age pension, superannuation savings and supplementary voluntary savings.