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As one of Australia's largest profit-for-member superannuation funds, Aware Super always remembers whose money it is and whose future they're looking after. Their 1.1m+ members. These are the people who inspire what they do and how they do it, every day.

For them, that means being super helpful in ways members want, and sometimes in ways they don't expect.

It starts with super returns. Backed by a team of investment specialists, the fund applies their expertise to grow members' savings into their best retirement, so they can look forward to life after work.

A strong 9.3% p.a. over ten years is great news for members invested in the High Growth option (where the majority of their members are invested). But the fund is also working to make lives a little easier right now.

Enter their super advice.

Whether it's a life moment that changes everything. A career move. Or prepping for what's next. Aware Super aims to guide and empower members from day one to one day - so members can get more from their super. And more for their future. As a fund with over $161b under management, they know the impact they can make for their members, and for the communities in which they live, work and retire - that's a responsibility they don't take lightly, not ever.

With super advice and super returns, Aware Super is super helpful.

Quality Assessment Status

Product Size:

$10.02 Billion

Fund Size:

$166.35 Billion
  • Profit-for-member fund operated solely for the benefit of members.
  • A MySuper Lifecycle approach that automatically adjusts your investment mix as you get older, to help balance risk and return that's best suited to your age.
  • A choice of nine diversified and six single asset class investment options, members can select one investment option or combine investment options to create a strategy that suits their goals.
  • Responsible ownership is part of our investment approach; we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for all our investment options, because we believe in improving long-term outcomes for members.
  • We have a track record of delivering strong long-term returns for our members.
  • Competitive fees to help grow your super, which can make a real difference to your super balance over time.
  • Flexible insurance options including death, TPD and income protection insurance.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere. We offer comprehensive financial education, including in-person seminars, webinars and online calculators and tools.
  • Retirement transition and retirement income products available.
  • Expert help and advice when you want it. We offer members general advice at no extra cost, and comprehensive, wholistic financial planning on a fee-for-service basis.
Investment Performance1Growth Asset
1 year (p.a.)3 years (p.a.)5 years (p.a.)7 years (p.a.)10 years (p.a.)
Balanced Socially Conscious0.0%9.73%6.10%7.09%7.04%7.36%
Conservative Balanced49.2%6.33%3.90%4.61%5.29%5.69%
High Growth84.1%10.03%6.03%7.81%8.27%8.45%
Performance - as at 30 April 2024
1 Please note that all figures reflect net investment performance, i.e. net of investment tax, investment management fees and the maximum applicable ongoing management and membership fees.
  • Insurance - Death Only
    • Insurance - Death and TPD
      • Insurance - Income Protection
        • Financial Advice - Limited
          • Financial Advice - Full Financial Planning
            • Member Services
              • Call Centre
              • Website
              • Mobile Website or App
              • Social Media Presence
              • Newsletters for Members
              • Education Seminars
              • Online Account Access
              • Online Membership Application
            • Investment Flexibility
              • Investment Choice
              • Multi-Manager Investment Choice(s)
              • Age-Based Investment Choice
              • Choice of Asset Allocation
              • Ethical / SRI Investment Choice(s)
              • Online Investment Switching
              • Monthly or Quarterly Investment Reports
            • Insurance Options
              • Insurance - Death Only
              • Insurance - Death and TPD
              • Insurance - Income Protection
            • Financial Advice
              • Financial Advice - Limited
              • Financial Advice - Full Financial Planning
            • Account Flexibility
              • Can Join Without Employer
              • Spouse Accounts
              • Retirement Products
              • Transition to Retirement Facility
              • EFT / BPAY Contributions
              • Contribution Splitting
              • Binding Death Benefit Nominations
            Entry fee Nil
            Contribution fee Nil
            Exit fee Nil
            Administration fee $52 per year plus 0.15% p.a. of account balance, capped at $750 pa
            Buy-sell spread Nil
            Switching fee Nil
            Advice fee Nil
            Other 0.01%. Administration costs paid from reserves that are not otherwise charged as administration fees. These costs are not directly charged to your account.
            Fee discounts Nil
            Service Providers
            Administrator Aware Super
            Asset Consultants Willis Towers Watson
            Lawyers Various firms
            Custodian State Street Australia Limited
            Insurer TAL Life Limited

            Contact Details

            Member Telephone

            1300 650 873

            Member Fax

            9238 2599


            Level 22, 388 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

            Member Email

            [email protected]



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            Ultra Long-Term Performance

            Ultra Long-Term Performance

            Best-Value Super Fund for Young People

            Best-Value Super Fund for Young People

            Best MySuper Lifecycle Product

            Best MySuper Lifecycle Product

            Best Growth Super Product

            Best Growth Super Product

            Best Super Fund

            Best Super Fund

            Best Innovation - Investment Leader

            Best Innovation - Investment Leader


            Performance to 30 June 2022. Investment returns are calculated after allowing for tax on investment income and investment management expenses, but before the deduction of administration fees.

            * From 1 October 2020 all options will also be excluding direct investments in companies deriving 10% or more of their revenues directly from mining thermal or energy coal and companies deriving revenue from the manufacture and/or production of controversial weapons including chemical weapons, cluster munitions, land mines and depleted uranium. Due to liquidity constraints, it may take time to divest unlisted thermal coal mining assets and there may be a small residual exposure. Such assets will be sold at fair value as soon as reasonably practicable, but no later than 30 June 2023.