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At HESTA, everything we do is to benefit our members. With more than 1 million members and $74 billion* in funds under management, we've learned a thing or two about looking after super. We're the specialist industry super fund that invests in and for people who make our world better. We're committed to creating better futures for the retirement of our members, women and in fact, all Australians.

We keep member fees down, and our costs low, keeping more of our members' money for their future. We help them take control of their future through education and advice using online tools, nation-wide information sessions or personalised consultations.

Over 30 years of experience in super, combined with our focus on our members' needs and strong long-term performance, has earned us the highest rating from agencies including Rainmaker Information's AAA Quality Rating^.

Quality Assessment Status

Product Size:

$76.14 Billion

Fund Size:

$83.84 Billion
  • Our default option, Balanced Growth, has returned on average 8.44% pa since inception in 1987*.
  • We keep our fees down.
  • Our Online Portal offers members an easy way to manage their super from their mobile or desktop at their own convenience.
  • Eligible members have access to 24/7 protection through default Income Protection Cover and Death Cover.
  • We also offer access to lump-sum Total and Permanent Disablement Cover.
  • Personalised and professional super advice is available to members.
  • We provide a range of Ready-Made Investment Options.
  • We also offer a range of your choice asset classes.
  • We are a fund for life - offering both Transition to Retirement and Income Stream options.
Investment Performance Growth Asset Weighting 1 year (pa) 3 years (pa)* 5 years (pa)* 10 years (pa)
Australian Shares 100% 14.70% 11.93% 7.55% 8.82%
Balanced Growth 68.00% 9.59% 8.61% 6.56% 8.02%
Cash and Term Deposits 0.00% 2.56% 0.97% 1.15% 1.65%
Conservative 34.00% 5.74% 4.27% 4.28% 5.45%
Diversified Bonds 0.00% 0.44% -2.31% 0.47% 2.25%
High Growth 84.00% 12.58% 11.27% 8.30% 9.46%
Indexed Balanced Growth 75.00% 12.47% N/A N/A N/A
International Shares 100.00% 17.96% 10.65% 8.13% 10.19%
Property and Infrastructure 50.00% 3.74% 8.47% 5.38% 7.63%
Sustainable Growth 72.00% 9.94% 7.63% 7.28% 9.28%

Performance - as at 30 September 2023

  • Insurance - Death Only
    • Insurance - Death and TPD
      • Insurance - Income Protection
        • Financial Advice - Limited
          • Financial Advice - Full Financial Planning
            • Member Services
              • Call Centre
              • Website
              • Mobile Website or App
              • Social Media Presence
              • Newsletters for Members
              • Newsletters for Employers
              • Education Seminars
              • Online Account Access
              • Online Membership Application
            • Investment Flexibility
              • Investment Choice
              • Multi-Manager Investment Choice(s)
              • Choice of Asset Allocation
              • Ethical / SRI Investment Choice(s)
              • Online Investment Switching
              • Monthly or Quarterly Investment Reports
            • Insurance Options
              • Insurance - Death Only
              • Insurance - Death and TPD
              • Insurance - Income Protection
            • Financial Advice
              • Financial Advice - Limited
              • Financial Advice - Full Financial Planning
            • Account Flexibility
              • Spouse Accounts
              • Retirement Products
              • Transition to Retirement Facility
              • EFT / BPAY Contributions
              • Contribution Splitting
              • Binding Death Benefit Nominations
              • Anti-Detriment Payments
            • Ancillary Services
              • Business Loans
              • Credit Cards
              • Home Loans
              • Insurance - Private Health
              • Non-Super Investment Products
              • Personal Loans
              • Savings Account
            Contribution fee Nil
            Administration fee $1.00 per week plus 0.15% p.a of your account balance (subject to fee cap)*
            Investment fee 0.61% - Balanced Growth
            0.01% - 0.09% for other investment options
            Buy-sell spread Nil
            Switching fee Nil
            Advice fee Nil
            Other Plus 0.04% pa (Additional administration costs may be paid from fund assets, not your account. The amount shown is an estimate of the costs deducted for the 12 months to 30 September 2023.)
            Indirect cost ratio 0.05% pa - Balanced Growth
            0%-0.09% for other investment options, deducted from investments before earnings are applied, capped at 3% of account balances under $6,000 at end of year.
            Fee discounts Nil
            Service Providers
            Administrator Australian Administration Services Pty Ltd (part of Link group)
            Asset Consultant Frontier Advisors Pty Ltd
            Auditor PwC, KPMG
            Custodian JPMorgan Chase Bank
            Insurer AIA Australia
            Lawyer Allens Linklaters
            Technology Providers Tecala Group Pty Ltd

            Contact Details

            Principal Contact

            Debby Blakey (Chief Executive Officer)

            Member Telephone

            1800 813 327

            Member Fax

            8660 1650


            PO Box 615, Carlton South VIC 3053 Australia

            Member Email

            [email protected]



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            ESG Investment Innovator

            ESG Investment Innovator

            Best Diversified ESG Super Products

            Best Diversified ESG Super Products


            ^Product ratings are only one factor to be considered when making a decision.

            *Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. 10-year average annual return to [30-September-2023]. Returns are net of investment fees and costs, transaction costs and taxes.

            **The percentage-based Administration fee is not charged on any amount of your account balance in excess of $500,000. Investment Objective, Performance and Strategic Asset Allocation as at September 30, 2023. The returns shown are net of investment fees, indirect costs and taxes as at September 30, 2023.