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win the money diary by jessica irvine

The Money Diary
by Jessica Irvine
Wiley, $32.95

Have you tried to set budgets, but failed? Do you struggle to save regularly? Do you lack clarity around your financial goals? Then this is the diary for you.

Join economist and multi-award-winning personal finance expert Jessica Irvine as she teaches you the unique system she uses to track her own money.

Money with Jess: The Money Diary is an opportunity to get a complete picture of your personal finances and plan for your future with confidence.

It is, of course, a calendar you can use to organise your life and see where your money goes. But it's more than that: you can use this book -- starting at any time - as a tool to reboot your spending so that it better aligns with your true goals and values.

We'd all love to have more money.

But it's not enough to simply keep boosting your income. If you fail to get a real handle on your spending habits, you will never be financially secure - no matter how high your income.

That's because money finds a way to slip through our fingers if we don't have a process to manage it. The Money Diary is a fun, easy way for you to kickstart that process.

  • Track your spending and radically transform the way you think about your money
  • Complete worksheets and exercises to check your financial wellness and identify your underlying money beliefs, emotions, and values
  • Set monthly goals and fill out simple tracking and budgeting sheets (all you need is a pen and highlighters!)
  • Take your money before-and-after pictures and reflect on your spending to see your wins and fails, progresses and successes
  • Review an entire year of spending to see what brings you joy and help you plan for emergencies and retirement with confidence

With The Money Diary, you'll see how life-changing it can be to truly take control of your money. Commit to using this diary every month, for one year, and you will turbocharge your ability to create long-lasting wealth and happiness.

You'll see: it's easier than you think to create a better, more secure financial future. It starts one day a time, with Money with Jess: The Money Diary.

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