Assistance for carers in their growing role


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Australia's life expectancy estimates are among the highest in the world.

Living longer may mean we need a bit more love and care from those around us as we age.

Carer Allowance is a supplementary payment to help with caring for someone who has a disability or medical condition or who is frail aged.

It's for those who provide daily care for someone, and can also be paid to carers who don't live with the person who is receiving care.

Unlike other Centrelink payments, Carer Allowance is not income or asset tested and is tax free.

Eligibility for Carer Allowance is based on the functional ability and care needs of the person being cared for, so does require medical evidence to support the claim.

The current rate of Carer Allowance is $118.20 a fortnight and if you qualify for the allowance you may also receive up to $600 in Carer Supplement each July.

For details see To receive a personalised claim form, call 132 717 or visit your nearest service centre.

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