What makes AustralianSuper stand out?


About the fund

AustralianSuper is Australia's biggest superannuation fund, so big in fact it is just about to break through the $100 billion barrier. With 2 million members, it is big enough to offer something for almost everybody.

Being so large it serves every industry in Australia, which is why its trustee board and corporate leadership boast some of the most experienced and highly regarded superannuation and investment experts in the country. AustralianSuper's default MySuper portfolio, which makes up two-thirds of the overall fund, is 65% invested into equities, 13% in infrastructure, 10% in bonds, 9% in property with just 3% in cash.


What it offers

You can choose AustralianSuper's balanced option as your MySuper default super fund or you can join as an individual "personal" member. There are options for retirees too.

AustralianSuper offers another 13 investment choices, bringing its overall choices to 14 in total: seven diversified multi-asset-class choices and seven asset-class-specific choices. Three of these choices follow investment sustainability principles, while one is a special ultra-low-cost indexed option. AustralianSuper does not offer any lifecycle investments but it does offer a Member Direct choice for members who want to trade ASX 300 stocks, or invest in up to 35 exchange traded funds or six bank cash term deposits.

AustralianSuper members have access to 20 life, TPD and income protection insurance choices depending on your occupation type and how you want to pay for your cover. Financial planners, discount financial products such as home loans, personal loans and credit cards are also available.

Independent commentary

AustralianSuper may be Australia's biggest fund but what makes it stand out most is its consistent investment performance that has seen it beat the market benchmark in nine of the past 10 financial years, resulting in its 10-year return being the fourth best across the industry. An AustralianSuper member who invested $10,000 in their account 10 years ago would have had $20,232 when they opened their last annual statement, compared with the $18,116 of someone who invested in a fund with an average return. This consistency, combined with low fees and a large range of choices, is why AustralianSuper is one of Australia's best super funds and a past winner of the SelectingSuper fund of the year.

Alex Dunnin, Executive Director of Research and Compliance, Rainmaker group



Alex Dunnin is director of research at Rainmaker Information, publisher of Money magazine, Financial Standard and Selecting Super.
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