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Putting together the perfect suite of financial products takes time. That's where this issue comes in.

Now in its 17th year, Best of the Best, as Canstar's Mitchell Watson says, "continues to take the hard work away by awarding and shortlisting the best products available for Australians to consider".

No fewer than seven research houses under the direction of Money's deputy editor, Maria Bekiaris, were involved in bringing this edition to you. We've ranked everything from ETFs and managed funds to super funds, home loans and phone plans.

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We even find the best wines for under $20. What we hope to bring you are low-cost, great-value products that can help you reach your goals.

While past performance is certainly no indication of future returns, what I like about these awards is that after 17 years there's a real history and consistency.

Take our Best ETF Provider, for example. Vanguard has won this title now for six years in a row.

CommSec has taken out Best Feature-Packed Online Broker for 11 years. Intrust Super has taken out Best-Value Insurance in Super for six years.

But not all products show this consistency and, as Watson rightly points out, "as the market is continually evolving it is important for everyone to review their finance products routinely to ensure they are still getting the best deal in 2018".


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Effie Zahos is editor-at-large at Canstar and a financial commentator. She is the author of A Real Girl's Guide to Money: From Converse to Louboutins, and a regular money commentator on TV and radio across Australia. In 1999, a background in banking Effie helped kickstart Money, which she edited until 2019. Effie holds a Bachelor's degree in economics.
Neal Masters
July 24, 2018 12.51pm

Once the magazine has sold out any chance of putting all of the Best of the Best 2018 categories here on the website instead of just a few?

July 24, 2018 3.46pm

Hi Neal,

You can purchase a digital issue of Best of the Best online here.