Best of the Best 2022: Best Diversified ESG Pension Product


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Cbus's responsible investment policy makes it clear: "Responsible investment is a fundamental investment belief the trustee considers necessary to deliver long-term value creation for beneficiaries."

So, it should come as no surprise that one of its regular pension options, and not a specific ESG option, has won the new category of Best Diversified ESG Pension Product in this year's Best of the Best awards.

As one of the few funds in the top five to have 10-year track records, Cbus Super Income Stream - High Growth, has a stellar return of 12.18%pa over the past decade. Fees are also competitive at 1.17%.

bob22 best diversified esg pension product

According to its responsible investment policy, Cbus is required to consider ESG factors in all investment decisions.

"The trustee requires that responsible investment applies to all of the fund's investment activities including: across all geographic locations; all asset classes; direct, mandated and pooled funds; and all styles including active and passive," the policy states.

Cbus is also in the process of merging with Media Super, which will turn it into a $60 billion fund.

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