Best of the Best 2023: Best Growth Pension Products


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Growth pensions have generally suffered from this year's stockmarket volatility, but longer term they have performed well. Cbus Super Income Stream High Growth has won this category after coming second last year.

"What sets Cbus aside is catering for a diverse membership," says CEO Justin Arter. "Many of our members have broken work patterns and lower balances, while some other members have had opportunities to enhance their savings."

Cbus was one of the first industry funds, established 38 years ago. Arter describes it as "a bespoke fund for the building and construction industry and its unique member experiences and needs. Cbus members are predominantly tradespeople - they have unique working lives and pathways to retirement."

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Its connection to the building industry extends to the way Cbus invests, says Arter, providing good outcomes for members and benefit to the economy.

"We are a fund that links our members with our investment practices, investing in the sector that creates jobs for our members through Cbus Property."

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