Best of the Best 2023: Best Value Mobile Plans - High Usage


If you can stretch your mobile phone budget a few dollars more a month, then the plans in this category will give you significantly more data for browsing, streaming more songs and watching more high-definition videos.

Arthur Panos, TPG's general manager, mobile products and devices, says a plan with 45GB of data, such as its 45GB Mobile Plan, allows customers to browse or stream comfortably.

"This means more data for streaming music and video, gaming, and browsing the internet and social media.

best of the best 2023 best value mobile plan high usage

"The plan is built for sizeable data usage, so the majority of customers can download and stream worry free. Customers only need to watch their data consumption if they are spending significantly prolonged periods streaming high-definition video/gaming content each day," he says."

On this basis, if you overstretch, TPG charges $10 for every extra 2GB you use above the 45GB inclusion.

"This plan is suitable for individuals who use their phone regularly for essential services and regularly check in on social media and browse the internet," says Panos.

"It's also suitable for people who often stream video/music and engage in gaming."
If you're considering a new mobile phone plan, consider that TPG offers a 50% discount on its mobile plan fees for the first six months if you stay connected to your selected plan.

TPG offers SIM Only Prepaid mobile plans with benefits that are too hard to ignore.

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