Best-Value Mobile Plans - International Calls: Best of the Best



Distance is less of a communication barrier, thanks to these flexible, low-cost deals

For those who have family overseas, it needn't cost the earth to stay connected. What's interesting about the international calls category is that two of the top three are prepaid.

best of the best best value mobile plans international calls

The winners were ranked by the range and type of international calls included and the price of a no-contract monthly or prepaid plan.

The international calls and SMS inclusions don't mean that you have to give up the other typical parts of the plan such as data.

The Boost Mobile $20 prepaid deal leads the pack. At $20 for 28 days, it includes unlimited calls and SMS to 20 selected destinations plus 100 minutes and SMS to 35 countries.

The Pennytel Large Plus - 10GB offering is also great value. $24.99 gets you unlimited calls and text to 15 selected countries ALDI's prepaid Mobile L Value Pack for $25 is also good value, especially for such a small telco, with 100 minutes to 35 selected countries. You can roll over data to the next month.


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