Best-Value NBN Broadband Plans: Best of the Best 2020


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No-frills providers are hard to beat, giving you as much data as you need at a low cost

Getting value from the NBN comes down to the balance between price and inclusions.


These two sources of value largely define the market, splitting it between smaller no-frills, no-contract operators competing on price and the larger players that offer more inclusions and bundles.

Kenny McGilvary, communications manager at WhistleOut, says that over the past 12 months some new carriers have entered the NBN marketplace (for example, Superloop) and a few have exited.

It was a relatively stable year for the NBN and this tells us that pricing should remain consistent across the industry heading into 2020.

The winners in this category were ranked by the total cost over 24 months to receive unlimited data, including set-up costs. Only NBN 50 plans were considered, but service quality was not.

Belong's NBN Standard Plus - Unlimited took out the top gong this year. $65 a month gets you unlimited data and a free modem with a 12-month contract and no sign-up costs. Add to the mix a free Belong mobile SIM card loaded with $80, no peak or off-peak limits, and it's
a winning formula.

Kogan holds onto its second place from last year with its Internet Silver Unlimited deal. It's a fraction more expensive than Belong at $65.90, but requires no contract commitment and includes a free modem for customers who stick with it for more than a month.

And you can change the plan once every bill cycle at no charge.

Third place goes to Tangerine Telecom's XL Speed Boost Unlimited. But be careful about the pricing structure: while it costs only $59.90 for the first three months, it jumps to $69.90 a month after that, making it the most expensive of the three placegetters over 24 months.

However, there's no contract so you can exit at any time, while an extra $10 a month gives you unlimited local, national and Australian mobile calls.

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