Best of the Best 2022: Best-Value Super Fund for Young People


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In this category we look at superannuation products that have delivered the best value to members aged 25 who have a $5000 account balance.

Performance (net of all age-specific fees) is assessed over one, three and five years.

Our winner, Spaceship, had an annual performance of 22% and fees on a balance of $5000 of 2.47%.

best of the best 2022 best value super fund for young people

Andrew Moore, Spaceship's chief executive officer, says a lot of the fund's growth has come from millennials and gen Z and there is an "untapped demand" for simple and engaging investment products for this market that are different from those designed for older generations.

"The average age of our super member is 31 and they mostly invest in the GrowthX superannuation fund. What we think attracts them to Spaceship is that they share our investment philosophy - investing where the world is going. That is, investing in businesses or industries that will benefit from long-term trends."

Spaceship also has an app so members can check their balance, share account details with new employers and see when, where and how their super is invested.

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