Four ways to brand your small business on a budget


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The launch of any business takes careful consideration and planning to ensure that all branding efforts clearly reflect its identity.

While effective branding is crucial for building a small business, this doesn't have to mean spending the big bucks.

Here are my top tips for successfully marketing your brand on a budget:

how to brand your small business on a budget

How to design or commission a logo

A logo is the first impression that potential customers have of your business and generates visual brand recognition.

To create a logo that is the perfect reflection of your business, you should first establish your brand's personality, values, voice and unique selling proposition. A professional designer will better understand your logo needs once you have done this.

If you're looking to be a little more hands-on with the design concept, there are online unique logo services that cost from $5.

Consistency in communications is key

Consistency in branding and messaging is crucial for business success and should be present across business cards, signage, brochures and all social mediums.

You could start by developing merchandise to distinguish your business from the competition, communicate values and improve brand recognition.

It pays to prioritise

When funds are limited, it can be hard to determine what is worth paying for. With a tight budget you will need to prioritise what is most important and what marketing efforts can wait until later.

In the early stages, money should be steered towards brand building. This includes digital marketing activities such as social media marketing, content marketing and user experience.

User experience such as your business's website is a crucial investment and should be prioritised over paid advertising, which can wait until branding is better established.

Affordable advertising

It is not always necessary to spend heavily on paid advertising to see results. There are several free or considerably cheaper ways to promote your small business.

Research suggests that blogging can be an effective marketing tool. Audiences have higher levels of trust in blog articles than broadcast ad campaigns. Writing about topics that your customers are interested in will market your brand in a more subtle and discreet manner.

Establishing yourself as an intelligent and knowledgeable voice in your field also creates a reputation of excellence, further enhancing your brand's identity as confident and capable.

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