BT property securities fund


This week Money asks Morningstar where to invest and their pick is the BT Wholesale Property Securities Fund.


The fund aims to provide a return (before fees, costs and taxes) that exceeds the S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT Accumulation Index over the medium to long term.

property fund

Concentrating on the listed property sector, the actively managed portfolio holds 15 to 30 property securities and can have as much as 15% in overseas-listed property investments.

Independent commentary

BT Property Investment is a top-notch option for exposure to the Australian listed property sector. This strategy has many things going for it. Foremost is an exceptionally strong management team.

The active bottom-up investment approach by the team values stocks using a wide range of methods such as management quality and seeks to identify the best valuation opportunities.

Key fund data

Management fee: 065% a year. Morningstar analyst rating: gold. Minimum initial invest: $25,000. Role in portfolio: supporting player. APIR code: BTA0061AU

BT Property Securities Fund
BT Property Securities Fund as at 30/06/15


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