The best way to buy an iPhone X: outright vs. on a plan


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The long-awaited iPhone X has finally launched in Australia, ready for you to get your hands on.

Well, kind of.

The official launch day was Friday, November 3, but due to product shortages the chances of you being able to buy and collect a new iPhone X on the same day are slim to none.

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A much more likely scenario will see you waiting about four weeks for shipping - still in time for Christmas though, if you move soon.

With price tags of $1579 for the 64GB model and $1829 for the larger 256GB version, the iPhone X is probably the most expensive phone around.

So what's the best way to buy one? The answer to that really comes down to how much you're willing to pay in one go, and whether you want to own the phone or are happy to lease it.

If your wallet can accommodate having $1579 or more burned out of it in one go, then you could head straight to the Apple website and purchase the phone directly from the manufacturer.

The handset can be delivered direct to your home or place of work, and this approach will allow you lots of freedom when choosing the right plan for your usage habits.

Simply compare the different SIM-only plans available from dozens of providers to find one that has the best data and other inclusions for you.

If you don't find the idea of spending big money in one go too appealing, then buying a new iPhone X on a plan may be your best option.

While you'll still end up paying the same amount for the phone, these contracts can often come with great extra inclusions such as entertainment packages, data pooling or data rollovers. And by making a regular payment each month you'll dodge any large one-off costs, which should ease your cash flow.

As a rough pricing guide, plans for the iPhone X 64GB with 5GB or more of data start at around $100 a month over 24 months. That should offer enough data for most people but there are plans that include over 100GB. Just expect the cost to rise accordingly.

Leasing is perhaps the only way of getting a new iPhone X for (slightly) less.

The process is the same as buying a phone on a plan, except at the end of the contract period you don't own the phone, the carrier does. However, on the plus side lease plans are typically about $10 a month cheaper than ones where you buy the phone.

And when the contract period is up, you'll be able to get the newest phone of the day on a different plan. The iPhone XI, perhaps!

Although there are only two iPhone X models, there are many different methods of getting them. The only way to really know you're making the right choice is to be aware of the different options, plans and prices available so you can choose one that fits best.

WhistleOut lets you do just that, so is a good place to start.

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Kenny McGilvary is communications manager at WhistleOut.