Money's databank - August 2023 data


Superannuation data 

The table contains information to help you compare super funds. It showcases publicly available MySuper investment options offered by some of Australia's biggest funds. Rainmaker categorises them into risk options based on percentage of growth assets in their portfolio.

The high-growth risk option has more than 85% in growth assets (growth has between 75% and 85%), balanced has between 55% and 75%, and capital stable products have less than 55% growth assets.

money magazine databank

The performance results are the annualised investment returns each option has delivered after all taxes and fees. Past performance is no indicator of future performance.

The table only lists products that have achieved a Rainmaker Information AAA Quality Rating. For interactive performance tables, visit

What they mean

Performance after fees: When calculating fees, Rainmaker assumes a member has $50,000 in their account.

Strategy: Some MySuper products invest your superannuation based on age and are known as lifecycle funds (marked LC). The table includes the LC option for 40-year-old members. Non-lifecycle funds are known as single strategy (S).

Rank: Funds are ranked against all MySuper investment options available in Australia.

Indices and averages: To produce these indices, Rainmaker analyses the results of more than 3300 investment options.

Managed funds data

Rainmaker's latest managed funds data has not been released. Please email [email protected] to be notified when the data is available.

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