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This year's record warm autumn has not only been great news for those who hate the cold.

Fashion lovers can expect to reap the rewards as the end-of-financial-year (EOFY) sales are expected to be better than ever.

The unseasonal weather has meant that people haven't been buying autumn or winter clothes, so many retailers have a lot of stock they need to move.

eofy end of financial year sales

This year's sales will be a treasure trove for fashion-conscious customers, with many retailers offering bigger discounts than ever to get rid of stock before June 30.

Be focused

Know what brands and products you need - write a list and stick to it.

Once you hit the shops or click online, it's easy to get distracted and go for items you don't need (and will never wear).

If you plan ahead it will be easier to narrow your search and home in on deals quicker.

Have your measurements ready

If you're shopping online, retailers will have sizing charts, so have your measurements at hand before you start clicking to make sure you get everything in the right size.

If you're after furniture, measure the spaces in your home you need to fill - for instance, know the size of rug you want for your bedroom and the maximum width of a bedside table that fits in your bedroom.

Get in early

Whether you're shopping online or offline, the best styles and most common sizes tend to sell out, so get in quick.

This is why being focused is so important - instead of getting distracted by items you don't need you can grab what you want and get it in the size you need.


The beauty of shopping online is that you can easily check whether the discounted item you're about to purchase is the best deal, so do a quick price comparison before you click "check out".


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Research, research, research

If you're hitting the shops, read newspaper ads and listings methodically before heading out so you know which shops will have the best reductions.

Go for timeless pieces

EOFY is the best time to invest in high-quality, timeless pieces, such as a cashmere jumper, a designer handbag or a designer trench coat.

The discounts may not be as impressive as for more on-trend items but timeless, premium items will last longer.

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