What can a financial adviser do for you?

  • A financial adviser will help you understand your financial situation and how to make prudent decisions with your money.
  • Financial planning is the process your adviser goes through with you to design and set up your financial plan.
  • You can use a financial adviser for all or part of your financial and wealth-building journey.

A financial adviser can help you discover and prioritise what matters most to you and set you on course money-wise to achieving your goals. Importantly, they can offer ways to protect you from the financial stresses often resulting from adverse situations.

what can a financial planner do for you

Exploring broader horizons

A financial adviser will explore with you a range of investment options and strategies to help you build a portfolio and increase your wealth through different types of assets, such as shares, property, cash and fixed interest investments, term deposits and superannuation.

They can help ensure that your family and assets are protected by determining the right level of insurance cover you need. This will greatly lessen the chances of your family being put under pressure to meet living expenses should anything unfortunate happen unexpectedly.

For an additional fee, a financial adviser can also continually review your progress to help unsure that you are still on track with your financial goals. Your circumstances and needs are constantly changing, and having an adviser to regularly monitor your progress may help you reach your goals faster or more reliably.


A financial adviser can help you save for a holiday just as much as they can help with more complicated long-term financial objectives like purchasing a property or planning for your retirement.

This means you shouldn't wait until you are about to retire before seeking financial advice. As mentioned, thinking about your finances when you are young will give you many extra years of additional savings, investments and compounding earnings, not to mention the experience of being in control of your finances for much longer.

Catering to many situations

Financial advisers are not just for the wealthy or those approaching retirement. A good financial adviser can help you regardless of how much money you have. Remember, their job is helping you reach your financial goals, not just assisting you to manage the wealth you may already have.

Common financial advice areas

Though not exhaustive, some of the areas covered in a financial plan may include:

  • superannuation and SMSFs
  • retirement income streams
  • investment and deposit products
  • life, disability, trauma, total and permanent disability (TPD), and income protection (IP) insurance
  • borrowing to invest (i.e. negative gearing and margin lending)
  • aged care
  • social security (e.g. maximising pension income)
  • taxation and estate planning * budgeting and cashflow management
  • retirement planning.

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