'No jab, no pay' rules for some Centrelink payments


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Some Centrelink payments, such as the family tax benefit part A supplement, child care benefit and child care rebate, may only be paid for children who have been immunised or have an approved exemption.

Many families sending children off to school for the first time also need to provide proof of immunisation.

It's now even easier to keep track of your child's immunisation history using the Express Plus Medicare app, or by logging on to Medicare online services through the myGov website.

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You can view and email a copy of your child's immunisation history statement to your school or childcare provider or print it from your computer.

You can also do much more using the app, such as claim Medicare benefits and view your claim history.

The user-friendly app allows you to manage your business without having to call or visit an office.

You can download it for Apple and Android devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For access to Medicare online services, and a range of other government online services, visit mygov.au.

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