Friends With Money #48: Save big and reduce stress


Are you paying too much for services and utilities? Is your budget stressing you out? If so, then it's time to life admin hack your life!

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, Life Admin Hacks author and podcaster Mia Northrop joins Money's editor-in-chief Michelle Baltazar, to chat about the strategy of comparison shopping and reducing stress. They discuss:

  • What is the book about?
  • Where can we save big?
  • Make the keep me phone call!
  • How do you reduce the mental load?
  • Managing passwords

friends with money podcast save money on bills

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Michelle Baltazar is editor-in-chief of Money magazine and an award-winning journalist, editor and publisher. She has worked at media companies including BRW, Shares Magazine (London) and industry newspaper Financial Standard, and has written about superannuation, wealth management, investment technology and financial advice.

Mia Northrop is a trained coach, co-host of Life Admin Life Hacks and co-author of Life Admin Hacks, a step-by-step guide to saving time and money, reducing the mental load and streamlining your life. After a diverse and dynamic career in Melbourne, London and New York, she was on the cusp of burnout and partnered with a longtime school friend to marshal their professional expertise to find a better way for themselves and other working parents. She now supports individuals and employees to streamline their life admin so they can win back more free time and mental space, save money, and nurture household harmony.