Friends With Money #104: Protect yourself from scams


Scammers fleeced a record $3 billion from Australians last year.

Highly-sophisticated and brazen scammers are out to steal your hard-earned cash, and many victims have been left penniless.

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, Money's Michelle Baltazar speaks with Catriona Lowe, deputy commissioner of the ACCC, about the worrying rise of online scams and how you can protect yourself.

friends with money podcast protect yourself from scams catriona lowe accc

  • What are the top current scams?
  • What should you watch out for?
  • What to do if you are scammed
  • Can you get your money back?

Visit the ACCC Scamwatch website for more.

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Michelle Baltazar is editor-in-chief of Money magazine and an award-winning journalist, editor and publisher. She has worked at media companies including BRW, Shares Magazine (London) and industry newspaper Financial Standard, and has written about superannuation, wealth management, investment technology and financial advice.

Catriona Lowe is an ACCC deputy chair. She chairs the ACCC's Compliance and Product Safety Committee and sits on numerous ACCC committees and boards. For more than 20 years Catriona has had a strong commitment to consumer issues and protection of consumer rights in her varied roles as a regulator, litigator and consumer advocate. She has a Bachelor of Laws from Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University).