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what to do if you have been scammed scams scammers

What to do if you have been scammed like 378,000 Aussies

Scams cost 378,000 Australians an average of $6000 last year, not to mention the emotional distress of being ripped off. The scamming industry is big business in Australia and, not surprisingly, it has attracted organised crime, which is throwing plenty ... More
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how to stop unwanted phone calls

Do not call: how to stop those unwanted phone calls

If, like me, you Google a number you don't recognise instead of actually answering the phone, then you'd really hate receiving telemarketing calls. Research by Choice last year found that 89% of people received at least one unsolicited call in a six-month ... More
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The old-school scam that made me burst out laughing

I would love to know the hit rate for the stream of scams we all get by email. Pretty obviously someone must be responding or they would not keep coming in ever-increasing numbers. Presumably the success of the scam is in direct proportion to the effort ... More
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Drew de F Fawkes ed sheeran concert tickets reseller accc viagogo ticketek ticketmaster stubhub ticketmaster resale fees scalper scalping

Where not to buy your concert tickets this summer

Watch out if you're buying tickets for a concert or sporting event because you could be ripped off if you deal with a reseller. "Tickets purchased in Australia from resale sites such as Viagogo, Ticketmaster Resale and StubHub were sold higher than ... More
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shipping container investment

Shipping container scam: how to spot the warning signs

Is the humble shipping container a seaworthy investment or could it go the way of the Titanic? Websites touting "buy a shipping container" have generated considerable interest among investors despite a number of authorities, including Canada's financial ... More
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phone scam scammer scams predator

Salesperson or scammer: how you can tell them apart

No matter how thoroughly you screen your calls, there's always one cold-calling salesperson who slips through the cracks. Fortunately, some cold calls really are genuine companies just trying to get in touch. But sometimes the person on the other end ... More
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tax returns tax refunds instant tax return tax time eofy tax agent

The 'instant tax refund' that could cost you

Being in a hurry at tax time can saddle some people with an unexpected debt. We're just a few days away from the end of the financial year and, like most people, you're probably keen to get your tax refund as quickly as possible. You might see ads offering ... More
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