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What is the busiest day at Aldi? Forget Mother's Day. Or Christmas.

It's 18 May; the day Aldi snow gear hits the stores.

The snow gear is always out strategically in time for the beginning of cooler weather and just before the start of the ski season on the June long weekend.

aldi ski gear sale 2024

Is Aldi snow gear worth the money?

Aldi snow gear is good. The German supermarket chain understands winter sports. It looks fashionable, it's warm and designed with functionality in mind.

Jackets and pants have the right number of pockets - and in the right places - for storing essentials like lift passes (perfectly positioned for the sensors to recognise), lip balm, mobile phones and car keys. You can even strategically manage a muesli bar or two.

And the snow gear has clever features that enable you to do things like attach gloves to avoid losing them (when wearing them or not), and inbuilt lens cleaning cloths for your goggles (on elastic - also to avoid losing them).

This year, Aldi claims its winter gear will be even warmer as it's insulated with sustainable Du Pont Sorona fill.

Meanwhile, outer layers are wind-resistant and breathable (jackets also often have handy zips on the side that allow a bit of airflow if you are feeling hot, like during a long ski run).

Outerwear is 12,000mm waterproof meaning if it rains, or you keep falling over, your clothing is actually water resistant and not just a fashion statement.

Not only is the snow gear well-designed for alpine conditions, but it also looks good. You would easily fit in at a European snow resort, whether on the slopes or après ski.

The only downside to looking good in Aldi gear on the slopes is that so many other people will be wearing it. I've had trouble recognising my family on the slopes, although thankfully I haven't lost them (yet).

It's not just adults that can be on trend in Aldi snow gear.

Families can deck out toddlers in cute snow suits, or go for the 'mini-me' range to ensure parents and their kids can stage the perfect Instagram family shot in matching outfits.

How affordable is Aldi ski gear?

Skiing and snowboarding are equipment (and location) specific sports traditionally only able to be enjoyed by the rich, fit and adventurous.

Waterproof, warm and alpine sport-specific outfits were something that used to only be available at ski resorts or specialist ski stores (or for hire with limited design options, i.e. they looked pretty ordinary).

But Aldi has made it affordable for families and people on a budget to enjoy winter sports.

Prices for Aldi's snow gear start at $4.99. Its standard Quarter Zip Snow Hoodie (for adults) sells for $49.99.

And then nothing is over $100, including its premium range (premium ski jackets at $99.99 and ski pants at $79.99).

And while you will likely need other bits and pieces such as socks, goggles, helmets and gloves, Aldi says you could fit out a family of four for under $750.

That might not sound cheap to some families hunkering down on paying off large mortgages. But you'd be lucky to even get one ski outfit for that at a ski resort boutique.

And if you're in the market for warm winter clothes - even just a winter beanie or warm boots - Aldi could have just what you are looking for.

Most families will have experienced what it is like when their children grow out of their ski clothes - especially as it's something they might only wear a few times a year.

Aldi has recognised this and innovated by providing unisex options that make it easier for parents to hand down outfits. So if your daughter grows out of her ski jacket you can give it to your son without him hating you for the rest of his life for making him wear girls clothes.

When is the Aldi ski gear sale?

The ski gear sale hits Aldi stores around Australia on Saturday, May 18.

Not planning on stocking up on winter gear? Add May 18 to your calendar and plan to stay as far away from Aldi as possible. Seriously.

Do the weekly shop on Friday night or head out on Sunday afternoon if you must, but whatever you do, avoid heading to Aldi on Saturday morning.

It can be chaos, with parents pulling through items to find the right matching item for their kids and people trying on shoes and snow boots in the aisles. Just staying away from the inner aisles of temptation isn't enough as the registers will be full of people weighed down with armloads of prized winter wear.

I've set my alarm clock to go early before and been to Aldi's snow gear sale - and got the great gear to prove it.

If you do want to brave the sale, study the catalogue, know your sizes, and have a list of what you want to buy.

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Barb Finch
May 9, 2024 9.58am

Great news about the Aldi sale of snow gear. Better pray for snow! Look how warm it is today.

Mike Short
May 15, 2024 9.49am

Rather than a saving a few dollars in clothing you will wear once probably I would be more concerned about REAL snow availability, and the cost of ski lift tickets and accomodation at Australian ski fields. Skied in Australia a lot but they are rapidly pricing themselves out of the market. Prefer to spend a little more dollars my ski overseas.