Friends With Money #142: Stop subconsciously sabotaging your financial goals


When it comes to online shopping, we've quickly become experts at undermining our long-term financial goals.

Making better decisions that prevent us from going further into debt and increase our overall cashflow is the key to getting what we want.

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, Money's Michelle Baltazar chats with financial educator, The Broke Generation podcast host, and author Emma Edwards about the three ways you can start to improve your spending habits.

friends with money podcast 142 stop sabotaging your financial goals

  • The importance of financial psychology
  • Slow down your purchase decisions
  • The good, bad, and ugly of buy-now-pay-later
  • Stick to your budget, but you can have several

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Michelle Baltazar is editor-in-chief of Money magazine and an award-winning journalist, editor and publisher. She has worked at media companies including BRW, Shares Magazine (London) and industry newspaper Financial Standard, and has written about superannuation, wealth management, investment technology and financial advice.

Emma Edwards is a Certified Financial Behaviour Specialist and the host of The Broke Generation podcast. While working as a copywriter in her twenties, Emma turned her own finances around and began creating content to help others do the same. Passionate about the emotional, psychological and behavioural sides of money, she undertook graduate study in the emerging field of Financial Psychology and Behavioural Finance to continue exploring the complex relationship we have with money.