It's not too late to cut back how much you spend this Christmas


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During the silly season it's easy to fall into a spending frenzy.

From presents to extravagant family feasts, not to mention all the Christmas parties. But you don't need to spend a lot to enjoy the holidays.

Follow these tips and tricks if you want to reduce your Christmas spend.

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Start early and have a present purchasing plan

Many of us hold off on Christmas shopping till the absolute last minute.

In fact, according to a new survey by, one in 10 Aussies plan on doing their present shopping the week before Christmas.

But rushing around can sometimes lead to excessive spending or settling for a present that's just not quite right. This year, get in early. That way you can plan exactly what you want to buy and shop around to make sure you're getting the best price.


If done right, regifting can save you both time and money.

Say you receive a beautiful red bag for your birthday but red isn't really your colour. You could regift it to someone who might appreciate it more than you. Voila, no extra money or time spent at the shops searching for the right gift, and the beautiful bag isn't going to waste.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind if you plan on regifting. For example, don't regift within the same social circles. There's nothing worse than finding yourself in a room with the gift's original giver and its new receiver.

Do odds and evens

Whoever is lucky enough be hosting the family Christmas lunch will most likely find themselves in a state of stress trying to cater for everyone.

Whether it's the cooking itself or the costs involved in putting on such an event, it can be quite a big day.

If you're looking at ways to cut down on your spend during the silly season, get everyone to bring a plate of food to share. A great option to consider is odds and evens.

Everyone that was born in an even year needs to bring a savoury dish and everyone that was born in an odd year needs to bring something sweet.

Use coupon codes

Coupon codes are a lifesaver for those wanting to save a bit of cash this Christmas.

Whether you want to save on gifts, alcohol or even groceries, why not take advantage of all the deals available to you and jump online to reap the rewards.

Look out for sales

If you've missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, there are still pre-Christmas bargains to be had, and even Boxing Day sales if you don't actually plan on seeing your friends and family till after Christmas.

You don't have to end up in debt by the end of the silly season. If you shop around and stick to your budget, you might even have a little extra money left over to treat yourself during the Boxing Day sales.

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