Diversify with Platinum International Fund


This week, Money asks Morningstar where to invest and their pick is Platinum Asset Management's International Fund.

The firm invests without regard to commonly accepted benchmarks, accumulating exposure wherever the best opportunities are identified.

This benchmark-agnostic approach typically results in a portfolio that looks very little like its average rival.

Platinum International

Platinum is happy to accumulate exposure in regions or sectors it thinks will benefit from valuation normalisation or changing industry dynamics. To mitigate the risks associated with such portfolio biases, the managers diversify across more than 150 stocks.

The Platinum International Fund remains among the best global equities strategies.

The investment team uses a variety of tools to manage risk that most rivals don't, including active currency management and short-selling. The approach means that returns can differ substantially from those posted by most global equity funds, often for the better but sometimes for the worse.

Therefore in periods where the fund lags, patience is required, but our conviction in the team and process behind the Platinum International Fund coupled with its long-term record suggest the waiting is well worth it.

Growth of $10,000 for Platinum International, peer group and market indicies

platinum international chart

Fund Features:

Management fee 1.54%
Morningstar Analyst Rating Gold
Minimum initial investment $20,000
Role in portfolio Core


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