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Healthy growth prospects pave the way for CG Services

Country Garden Services Holdings Co Lt (CG Services: 6098) closed at 25.05 Hong Kong dollars (HKD) on October 14. That's more than 100% increase since the company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at 11.44 HKD per share in June 2018. Investors ... More
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How young Aussie women are overtaking male investors

Shares are gaining favour among young women, with research from Nabtrade showing that female gen-Zers hold 20% more assets than their male peers. Women are also more inclined to play the long game, making fewer trades than men despite holding larger ... More
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Market wrap: rate cuts, recession rumours and the RBA

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) lowered the cash rate by another 25 basis points on Tuesday, resulting in a new record low of 0.75%. Before deciding to cut interest rates, the RBA considered the trend to lower interest rates globally as a trigger ... More
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It's not too late for investors to ride the tech boom

Technology stocks have staged a rebound this year in US markets and elsewhere around the globe. It's not too late for investors to ride the tech boom as growth will inevitably continue, driven by the digital evolution of economies, businesses and ... More
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Market wrap: RBA hints at third rate cut for the year

In the face of global uncertainty and heightened volatility the All Ordinaries Index has shown resilience given that it has risen consistently from mid-August gaining around 309 points or 4.78%. This is a positive sign for investors with many now optimistic ... More
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ipo turnaround

Strong turnaround for IPOs after slow start in 2019

Share prices for 17 of the 23 new listings or initial public offerings (IPOs) jumped, on average, by 21% on the first day of trading over the 2018-19 financial year. In terms of share price growth after listing, there was an average gain of 63% across ... More
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