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stop losses

How a stop-loss order can help protect your profits

Prudent trading means having the discipline to know when to crystallise your losses and when to realise your gains. A stop-loss order can help here. It's simply an instruction to your broker to sell a security once it falls to a pre-determined price. ... More
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13 investing and risk terms you need to understand

1. Risk profile or risk tolerance Your risk profile, which financial advisers often talk about, or your risk tolerance is your ability to withstand losses in your portfolio. Some people compare it to your ability to sleep at night - if your portfolio ... More
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Why investing in cheap stocks isn't always a bargain

When the market falls heavily like it has over the past few weeks, it is very common for investors to want to get into stocks for two reasons. The first is their emotions, as many are controlled by the fear of missing out, although in the current market ... More
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