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Where investors should be looking after the election

Which Australian sharemarket sectors perform well after an election? The Australian sharemarket typically rallies after a federal election if you analyse the results of the last 23 elections. But what sectors do the best? Resources have historically ... More
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Why time could be running out to top up your super

Do you need to take a closer look at your superannuation as soon as possible? The answer could be yes if you want to put a large amount of money into your fund. If Labor wins Saturday's election, you won't be allowed to contribute as much as you can ... More
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Market wrap: market volatility lowest since October

The big news this week was the Federal Budget along with the RBA meeting on interest rates . Both had the potential to affect our market, but so far neither is raising any alarm bells as the All Ordinaries Index has continued to rise. What went relatively ... More
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Election outcome good news for property investors

The Coalition winning the federal election is good news for property investors. It gives property investors the assurance that they can continue to invest using the same strategies, taking confidence that some of the key fundamentals of property investment ... More
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2016 election and impact on investors

Looking at most elections over the past 30 or so years it's hard to discern a major impact on the economy and investment markets. Sure, there are signs of investor caution in the immediate run-up to polls and there is relief once they are out of the ... More
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