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Travel money: save more than $100 and don't get ripped off

Australians love to travel but when it comes to using money, they are often ripped off. Australians paid $2.14 billion in fees for accessing money overseas in 2018. This was for overseas card transaction fees, card ownership fees, overseas ATM withdrawal ... More
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airline refund airfare

The airfare refund rule every traveller needs to know

Australian airlines have played one too many games of hardball when it comes to issuing refunds. And a recent Federal Court decision involving Jetstar has swung the pendulum back in favour of consumers. Jetstar was recently fined $1.95 million for breaching ... More
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long weekend petrol prices

Where to find the cheapest petrol this long weekend

Ahead of the Queen's Birthday long weekend, Aussies hitting the road should shop around to find the cheapest petrol in their area and even drive a bit further to save some money. While Perth and Brisbane won't enjoy the public holiday, the good news ... More
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sri lanka terror attacks travel insurance

What to do if you have booked a trip to Sri Lanka

The horrific terror attacks in Sri Lanka have triggered a change in travel advice for Australians headed to the popular tourist destination. Eight bombs targeting luxury hotels and churches have so far killed 359 people, including two Australians, and ... More
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travel galapagos islands

Five things to do in the gorgeous Galapagos Islands

1. Stay The islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela have laidback seaside towns with small hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants. Part of Ecuador, the islands are 1200km from the mainland so you can expect to pay much more for everything. While ... More
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