Rental reno ideas you can take with you when you move


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With rising house prices and higher cost of living it's no surprise that Australia's home ownership rate is declining and we are becoming a nation of renters. But renting does have its limitations especially around what can and can't be done in the home.

If you're a renter here are five ways to make your home life more comfortable - and you can take these with you when you move.

1. Interchangeable outdoor flooring

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Outdoor entertaining has become such a huge part of Australian culture, and not all rental properties are equipped with a sufficient space.

In order to spruce up outdoor areas, IKEA has a range of interchangeable outdoor flooring that clicks in to easily install and remove.

2. Invest in a portable air conditioner

There is a wide range of portable air cons on the market, most which don't require installation.

My favourite for energy efficiency is Close Comfort, running on 75c a night. Imagine the portability and direct flow of a fan, combined with true air conditioner refrigerant cooling. It is lightweight with wheels making it easy to move from room to room.

3. Experiment with light fittings

Something so simple can light up your rental home. Whether it's a funky lamp shade, or a new light fixture, lighting can change the atmosphere of a room like that!

4. Create a portable garden oasis

Not only can growing your own veggie garden save money and encourage you to eat better, it is another great non-permanent addition to a rental home.

Check out Vegepod for a reasonably priced self-watering, portable, contained garden bed.

5. Options for hanging and storage

Typically when renting an apartment, there's never enough room for all of your belongings.

For trendy storage units, Kmart is the way to go. For hanging pictures and clocks with zero damage, 3M has got you covered with adhesive removable hooks.

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