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Greg Hoffman's best and worst calls in the past few years provide valuable insights for investors.

Reporting season gets into gear this month. It starts with a trickle of profit results at the beginning of the month and ends with a flood in the last few days. Most listed companies in Australia have a June 30 financial year, so we'll be seeing their full financial year results.

'Tis the season of accountability. As investors it's the best chance we get to evaluate the stocks we own and those we're interested in. The numbers are there for all to see and the board and management can then be reckoned with at the annual meeting in a few months.

Hoffman's best and worst calls

In that same spirit, I'd like to examine the best and worst results from the stocks highlighted in this column. The results of this column, though, are not systematically evaluated. So I've reviewed the figures for the past few years and, to save you the boring middle, have presented the five best and five worst calls to date in the accompanying tables. Let's dive right in and look at the clunkers.

Greg Hoffman is an independent financial educator, commentator and investor. He is also chairman of Forager Funds Management.

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