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What is it?

Bargain hunters, gather round. There's only one way to guarantee a maximum saving when you're shopping: buying wholesale, just like the department stores. But who really needs 50 pairs of sunglasses? MassDrop is a unique online shopping platform that allows users with a common need to come together and purchase a wholesale shipment.

The website, which sells mainly tech goods and fashion accessories, gives users the chance to register their interest for a specific product and when the target numbers are met by the website, a shipment is booked and sold at a wholesale price.

MassDrop wipes out the role of the retailer and allows you to buy goods straight from the manufacturer. All prices are in US dollars and will be shipped from international manufacturers, so you will need to factor in various additional costs.

What's available for purchase is completely up to the group - ideas can be discussed among users in an online forum and polls can be created to determine what goods interest the majority. If you've ever considered buying a cheap imitation knock-off (which is highly illegal), do yourself a favour and check out your wholesale options - you'll feel much better about it.


Steph Nash was a staff writer at Money until 2017.
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