Learn how to control your inner ape with Going Apes#!t

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win going apes#it by phil slade

Going Apes#!t
By Phil Slade

We've all had moments in life where we've gone 'apes#!t'. Maybe we've lost our mind after being cooped up with the kids, or had a blow-up with colleagues over a difference of opinion. Maybe we've snapped at a loved one in a moment of frustration, or done something we regret out of anger, loneliness or fear.

We all have a natural and built-in way of processing information, sometimes referred to as an 'inner Ape'. Our ape is designed to protect us, influencing the way we react when we need to make decisions, but it sometimes gets the better of us. Going ApeS#!t can feel good, but it can have devastating consequences, so it's important we learn to control it.

Phil Slade, psychologist and co-founder of consultancy Decida, has penned his first book Going ApeS#!t. After working with the likes of Westpac, Domino's and Suncorp on developing improved self-awareness and reactivity, the book has been developed as a humourous and relatable guide to controlling your inner Ape and making better decisions in all aspects of your life.

Learnt largely through Phil's hilarious, and sometimes s#!tty personal experiences, the book explores harnessing emotions in a way that's constructive in life, be it in your finances or career, to health and parenting.

After all, science has proven that people who have the most success in life and who are best at navigating their emotions, are those who can rationally manage the way they react when they're making decisions.

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