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win my daughter's wedding book by gretel killeen

My Daughter's Wedding
By Gretel Killeen
Hachette, $32.00

A heart-aching comedy about three generations of mother-daughter love

Nora Fawn's daughter, Hope, disappeared four years ago. Nora has never known why.

Refusing to answer her mother's calls, emails or texts, Hope maintained contact only with her big sister, Joy. Having once considered her mothering to be the greatest achievement of her life, Nora's spent these Hope-less years searching, aching, mother-guilting, working for a famous yet talentless artist and avoiding her own emotionally repressed mother, Daphne.

But ... last night Hope rang out of the blue to say, 'I'm coming home, I'm getting married, the wedding is in three weeks and it's your job to organise it.'

Desperate to prove her worth as a mother and regain her daughter's love, Nora commits to the task - assisted by her own increasingly dementia'd mother and her two best friends, Soula (an amateur bikini-line waxer) and Thilma (whom they found in a cab in the 1980s).

My Daughter's Wedding is both hilarious and profound as it explores the confounding complexity, wild terrain, mountains, valleys and quicksand found in three generations of mother-daughter love.

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