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What Are We Fighting For?
By Kirsty Salvestro
Publish Central, $29.95

What Are We Fighting For aims to raise awareness and guide couples following a separation, to teach them that their behavior, attitude and preparation can truly set them on a more positive path.

Often, when a relationship ends couples can end up in a negative frame of mind and choose a pathway that involves lawyers and court.

They simply get caught up in the whirlwind as no one teaches or shows them that there can be a better way.

Some do not even realise that there is a path that is calm, takes little time, costs less and one where they as a couple can create an ideal solution for their family moving forward.

It can and has been done. There is a path that can be followed by more couples to create a peaceful and happy future.

Author Kirsty Salvestro believes that if couples were more aware of this peaceful pathway they can draw on strengths such as kindness, forgiveness and understanding, that would help them better understand each other and reach a peaceful solution to the end of their marriage.

Kirsty's experience, both personally and professionally, makes her uniquely placed to be able to see the biggest mistakes that couples make and how to avoid them so they can follow the best possible path, using forgiveness, kindness and common sense, to create a future that works best for them.

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