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While the most recognisable phone brand in Australia might be Apple, with almost half of us (45%) using an iPhone, it's not the biggest phone company in the world.

That title belongs to Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, which is the number two pick for Aussies (at 30%).

And for most of us, the Samsung handset we use is one of their flagship Galaxy range.

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Earlier this week Samsung launched its newest Galaxy handsets; the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ models. The highly anticipated new range builds on last year's widely acclaimed Galaxy S8 models, sharing a similar look and feel while introducing new features with a focus on camera improvements.

Available in two sizes (64GB and 256GB) and four colours (black, grey, blue and purple), the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are probably the best Android phones on the market and will be available in Australia from 16th March 2018. You can find our early hands-on review from the launch event here.

So how much will they cost and are there any great deals out there?

The major carriers have now announced their pricing plans, and you can find them all on WhistleOut's dedicated Samsung Galaxy S9 page.

However, if you're willing to commit early then many providers are offering special deals during the pre-order period up to March 15, including price discounts, bonus wireless chargers and bonus data.

And Woolworths Mobile tops the lot for pre-order deals.

Below are a couple of options that really stand out as great value during the pre-order stage, which we've based on getting a Galaxy S9 256GB handset (RRP $1349) with unlimited talk and text.

samsung galaxy s9 s9+ handset apple iphone x phone data plan optus telstra woolworths streaming whistleout

Regular data usage

Today, many people use at least 3GB of data each month, and will likely often reach 5GB a month, so we treat 5GB as the standard data inclusion in a 'regular' phone plan to provide a safety buffer for avoiding excess data charges.

Taking the honours here is the Woolworths Mobile $30 Small Flexi Mobile Plan.

If purchased by March 5, 2018, this 24-month no-contract plan has the lowest monthly repayment costs at $73.70 per month, thanks to a $300 discount on the price of the phone.

You'll also receive a free wireless charger, which is pretty handy. On top of all this, those using a Woolies reward card will get $2 for every $1 spent on their plan payments until June 30, 2018.

Large data usage

More data is where everything's headed.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, we're collectively using 50% more data on our phones from year to year, and offering more data is how most carriers now compete for your business.

10GB per month should be enough data for all but the busiest of phone users, and Woolworths Mobile is our pick again with its $40 Medium Flexi Mobile Plan.

This 24-month no contract plan again delivers the lowest monthly repayment cost at $83.70 per month, with the same $300 handset discount and free wireless charger.

The plan also comes with an extra 5GB of bonus data, meaning you'll get 15GB for the price of 10GB.

Once the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ handsets become available in stores on March 16, 2018, the pre-order period will end and we'll likely see the differences between plans tightening up. At that point it will really pay to check what's on offer at any given time, as short-term promotions often represent the best deals and could pop up at any time.

For those who'd rather buy one of the new Samsung Galaxy 9 or 9+ models outright and add a separate SIM-only plan, the new handsets will cost between $1199 to $1499 depending on the model and the memory size.

There are a multitude of SIM-only plans available to satisfy all kinds of data appetites, so compare what's out there to find the one that fits you best.

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