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is it safe to give someone my bank account number

Is it safe to give someone my bank account number?

Financial transactions have come a long way since the days of chequebook and pen. Payments are now made instantly through apps or over the phone. However, convenience comes at a cost. The uninitiated can easily fall victim to scams or, at the other ... More
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how to protect yourself against identity theft

Five ways to protect yourself from identity theft

Identity theft is becoming all too familiar in Australia. Stories of maxed-out credit cards, account takeovers and stolen licence details are increasingly common, yet rarely do we think "this could happen to me". Until it does. Recent Scamwatch figures ... More
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telaria shares video advertising

How to invest in video ads instead of just clicking skip

In January 2019, Telaria shares were trading around the $US 3.19 level. This year the shares managed to push above $US11.50 (about $17) in early January. That is a massive increase - in the region of 260% - that would have made a lot of investors happy. ... More
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telco phone sales

Telcos under fire for high-pressure sales tactics

In recent years consumer groups have called for internet services to be regulated in the same way as water, gas and electricity. On the surface this makes sense, especially as more utility providers bundle their services on the one bill. The case for ... More
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westpac mortgage court decision

Big banks scramble to ride the digital banking wave

Westpac's foray into digital banking stepped up a gear this week, with the announcement of a digital-only platform. The move is seen as an attempt to coax younger customers away from the new wave of neo banks. "We're preparing for our digital ... More
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