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How to sell your old phone to buy a new iPhone 11

Can you sell your old iPhone to help pay for your new iPhone 11? The iPhone 11 has arrived. One aspect that's not surprising? The $1199-plus price tag. How can you afford that and not end up trapped on a 24-month contract? The big problem with buying ... More
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giving kids their first phone when to give your child their first phone

Deciding when to give your child their first mobile phone

"My friend Mark at school has a mobile phone," my grade one son said last week. For a moment I felt a surprising sense of shock and panic. Had my seven-year old baby boy grown to be a phone-carrying young man already? And should I be giving him a phone ... More
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top money apps money saving apps budgeting apps

Spend less and save more with these nine money apps

STOCARD Cost: free OS: iOS, Android If you're a fan of free loyalty programs but don't really enjoy carrying all the loyalty cards around in your wallet, then this app is for you. There's a high-tech camera scanner that lets you add loyalty cards quickly ... More
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If you're claiming your commute to work or the cost of drycleaning your business shirts as tax deductions, you could land yourself in hot water with the ATO.

The 10 tax deductions Aussies keep getting wrong

Here are 10 common tax deductions Aussies are getting wrong which could land them in hot water with the ATO. 1. All car-related costs including home to work travel Contrary to what Aussies might assume, while you can claim expenses if you are having ... More
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Masayoshi Son, Japan's Warren Buffett

How Japan's Warren Buffett chooses where to invest

He may not be as famous as Warren Buffett, but he is known as the richest man in Japan. Ranked number 43 on the World's Billionaires 2019, Masayoshi Son is estimated to have a net worth of $US22.9 billion. Son is the founder and current CEO of SoftBank ... More
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