Best of the Best 2024: Best-Value NBN Broadband Plans


Spintel has been named Money's Best-Value NBN Broadband Plan as part of the Best of the Best awards.

The reigning champion in this category, SpinTel, retains its title in 2024 for exceptional speeds, attractive promotions for new customers and consistently competitive pricing after the initial six-month promotion has ended.

Liam Bal, SpinTel's CEO, points to several reasons why the telco stays ahead of the competition.

best of the best 2024 best value nbn broadband plans

"Our focus is always the customer. How can we make sure they are getting the support they need when they need it? How can we keep finetuning our online tools to give customers greater autonomy and control over their plans and, most importantly, how can we continue giving consumers value for money in this competitive market?

"We keep ticking those boxes and that's why we're number one again."

SpinTel, according to Bal, has been ticking these boxes since 1996, the year the telco was founded in Sydney.

While SpinTel remains a model of consistency, the NBN landscape has changed. Bal says the change of greatest interest to consumers is the recent price adjustments made by NBN in November 2023.

"The 100Mbps plans now only costs $5 more than the 50Mbps plan, but you get double the speed - all for the price of a takeaway coffee," he says.

"This is great news for families where high-definition streaming and gaming on multiple devices are a common day-to-day occurrence. These families can now get much better value for money.

"But if a customer decides that the speed they have chosen does not meet their needs, we can switch them to a different speed straightaway. The customer can even do it easily online themselves.

"If you're not satisfied with your plan's features at any time or you are experiencing technical difficulties, don't waste time, get in touch with your telco straightaway so they can iron out any issues for you and make sure you stay connected."

When choosing an NBN plan, there are three main factors to consider: the cost, a speed that suits your needs and excellent customer service. SpinTel excels at all three, proven by the telco's back-to-back Best of the Best awards.

A point of difference between providers worth considering, says Bal, is that although some internet providers have been known to 'throttle', meaning they reduce speeds during peak hours, SpinTel "does no such thing - the speed you pay for is the speed you get".

Bal says when assessing the true value of an NBN plan, consumers need to look for one that hits the trifecta: "value for money, speed performance and excellent customer service".

"If you're struggling financially during the cost-of-living crisis and are looking to cut costs, now is the time to compare whatever plan you're on to what we offer at SpinTel."

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