Best of the Best 2024: Best-Value Super Products


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Vanguard Super has been named Money's Best-Value Super Products as part of the Best of the Best awards.

There is a strong argument for holding a lifecycle superannuation fund that automatically changes your investments as you get older.

This year's winning super product for value, the Vanguard Super lifecycle option, adjusts the investment portfolio to become slightly more defensive as you age.

bob24 best value super products

It has 36 automatic and cost-free adjustments from the age of 47 up to 82 on a member's birthday, explains Daniel Shrimski, managing director of Vanguard Australia.

To date, 65% of members have opted for the lifecycle option, which is also the default superannuation fund. Shrimski says Vanguard's research shows that one of the critical factors in determining the right investment for a member is age.

After 25 years of offering index and exchange traded funds in Australia, Vanguard launched its super fund in November 2022.

It has plenty of simple and transparent special features for members. Shrimski says the fund's one low fee of 0.58% is compelling value. The lower the fees, the more money goes in investors' pockets, he says.

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