Celeste Australian Small Companies


This week Money asks Morningstar where to invest and their pick is the Celeste Australian Small Companies.


Celeste Australian Small Companies provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of ASX-listed smaller companies. The objective is to produce returns which exceed the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index by 5% over rolling three-year periods after fees and expenses and before taxes. The major focus is on smaller companies outside the S&P/ASX100 Index. Diversification is maintained at a stock level by holding a minimum of 20 individual securities.

Celeste Australian Small

Independent commentary

Celeste Australian Small Companies remains a persuasive proposition. Chief investment officer and portfolio manager Frank Villante is among the most experienced investors in the industry. He's been applying his tried and tested approach for more than 25 years. Two highly experienced analysts add further depth, each of whom also hold equity in the business, providing comforting stability. Solid insights and excellent attention to detail from an experienced team make Celeste Australian Small Companies a great option for investors wishing to step down the cap ladder.

Key fund data

Management fee: 0.95%pa (plus performance fee of 20% of returns in excess of the benchmark) Morningstar Analyst Rating: Silver Minimum initial investment: A$25,000 Role in portfolio: Supporting player

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Source: Morningstar


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