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How does your everyday life compare with that of other Australians?

According to the latest data released from the 2016 census, on the whole we seem to be doing OK.

Most of us own, or are paying off, a detached house with three bedrooms, and have two cars parked out the front.

cheapest rent $260 a week abs census

The median mortgage repayment is $1755 a month, which for 93% of us is below 30% of our income.

Repayments range from $2167 in Sydney to $1400 in Hobart.

How much do we earn?

According to census data, the median weekly household income in Australia is $1438.

The richest Aussies live in Canberra and Darwin, where the median income is about $2000 and $2180 a week respectively.

Tenants are likely to find the cheapest rent in Tasmania, with the median weekly rent in Hobart is just $260.

This is a sore point for those renting in Sydney, as they pay the most, with a median weekly rent of $440.

In Brisbane the median rent is $355 a week, while renters in Adelaide pay $285 a week on average.

There were 23,401,892 people living in Australia at the time of the 2016 census, with a median age of 38.

Almost half of those aged 15 and over were married, while the average number of children per family (for those families with children) was 1.8.

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